Streamlining healthcare, one workflow at a time

Automate 80% of your healthcare business processes, using AI Agents to streamline tedious administrative tasks without compromising security.

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AI Powered Workflows to Get Patients the Care They Need

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Automate order review and data entry

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Expedite document processing and reduce denials

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Streamline documentation for fast and accurate notes

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Scale with standardized processes with a shallow learning curve


Automate 80% of Your Healthcare Business Processes with AI

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Improve Referral Relationships

Synthpop’s AI solutions remove friction between referrals and your intake team, alleviating challenges that can otherwise slow down order processing and patient care.

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Reduce Operational Costs

Save money on operational costs with AI agents supporting your team to combat rising healthcare costs and decreasing reimbursements.

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Increase Productivity

Maximize operational productivity while reducing burnout. With Synthpop AI agents, your company can improve in your financial KPIs and set new benchmarks in healthcare administration.

Amplify the Beat of Your Team with Synthpop AI Solutions


Fax Wrangler

Fax Wrangler streamlines the handling of incoming document packets for diagnostic or therapy providers and suppliers.  This "AIgent" automatically triages incoming packets to clean, sort, and categorizes documents based on their underlying requests. Reduce the time from document receipt to action and improve the overall patient care process.


Field Extractor

Field Extractor meticulously extracts, and validates relevant data from incoming document packets. This "AIgent" ensures thorough and accurate information processing and data entry into Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or Order Management System (OMS). Minimize manual entry errors, accelerate processing speeds, and enhance sender satisfaction.


Order Validator

Order Validation takes the work of Field Extractor to a new level, by automatically validating incoming clinical orders according to specific payor guidelines. This "AIgent" reviews the entire packet for relevant document types, and evaluates each document to ensure the information meets the requirements.  Automatically validate "clean" orders and quickly address incomplete orders to expedite care delivery while reducing administrative burden.


AI Caller™ - Coming Soon


How Do We Compare to  Traditional Outsourcing Solutions?

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Fully delegated AI precision.
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Intelligent workflows following SOPs enhance speed and accuracy of your team.
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No cost to train AI agents, who work tirelessly to learn new processes and data.
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Automated full compliance.
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Clear summary and direction with outreach to provider as needed with progress tracking.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

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Antiquated systems prone to human error.
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Tedious manual workflows with time-consuming data exchange processes risk SLA compliance and delay patient care.
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Training costs due to significant resources spent on training and error detection. Additional training costs and learning curve expectations with turnover.
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Irregular manual updates of requirements from various governmental agencies and insurance entities.
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Gaps in communication between providers and suppliers requires frequent review of order and patient status.

Why Synthpop?

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Healthcare AI built by Experts

We are a team of experienced healthcare professionals and AI experts to understand the evolution and ethical application of AI in healthcare. We understand the nuances and pain points of your clinical workflows, especially involving clinical processes and payor guidelines

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Maximize Profit Margins

Synthpop streamlines operations to enhance revenue cycles, ensuring quicker reimbursement and improved financial outcomes.

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Enhanced Data Security & Compliance

Synthpop ensures all patient information is processed in compliance with the highest security standards to mitigate risk.

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