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What future enhancements are planned for Synthpop’s AI solutions?

We are dedicated to continuous innovation, product improvement, and adaptation based on customer feedback and needs. Check back soon to see our 2024 - 2025 Roadmap!

What kind of training and support will help my team use Synthpop’s AI tools effectively?

​​We will work with your technical team and the end-users if integration is required. When the system is configured to fit into your workflow, we will schedule onboarding and follow-up meetings with your team. We will provide help articles to customers, continuously monitor use, accept support tickets, and our (human) customer success team members are available. 

How does Synthpop address the accuracy concerns commonly associated with AI in healthcare and insurance claims management?

We provide rigorous model training, validation, and ongoing testing with healthcare experts. Our AI agents can understand documents that are upside down, out of order, or handwritten just as well as a human would. They are fine-tuned to understand medical contexts and payor guidelines, minimizing errors and enhancing reliability in clinical applications​​. Download our white paper to learn more!

How does Synthpop structure its pricing?

Synthpop offers cost-effective pricing, typically charged per task. We provide flexible pricing models based on volume and service requirements, ensuring affordability and scalability for healthcare organizations of all sizes​​. Our integration fees are a fraction of the cost of most SaaS companies. Want a demo or pricing information? Contact us!

Do you integrate with my EHR / Order management system?

Our customers use a host of EHRs, Order management systems and ERPs. Our AI agents work seamlessly with almost any legacy or existing system. We are fully integrated with Bonafide and have integrations with a few other systems.

How does Synthpop keep PHI secure and protect data?

We prioritize security and compliance with all relevant standards, including HIPAA. Our AI models are trained on de-identified data, ensuring they do not compromise patient privacy while delivering accurate and reliable outputs​​. Synthpop isn’t just a favorite music style of our founders -  it also represents the Synthetic Populations that we manage, based on a massive amount of  real patient data that has been de-identified. We are SOC2 compliant and provide our customers with access to our Trust Center.

Will Synthpop's AI agents replace healthcare professionals?

Our AI solutions are designed to support, not replace, healthcare teams. They handle repetitive administrative tasks, allowing medical professionals more time to focus on patient care. This aids in reducing burnout and improving service delivery.

What makes Synthpop different from other AI systems to improve order processing and patient care workflows?

We provide healthcare AI solutions built by healthcare and AI experts. We understand your clinical workflows' nuances and pain points, especially involving clinical and payor guidelines. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, Synthpop’'s platform can be quickly adjusted and fine-tuned to optimize data handling, patient care processes, and administrative tasks in a way that directly aligns with the goals of the customer without requiring tedious configuration from the customer. Synthpop allows customers to  expand services, add new specialties, or increase patient order volume.

How does Synthpop utilize AI in healthcare applications?

Synthpop’s AI agents process vast amounts of data and perform complex healthcare administrative tasks - from fax wrangling and referral processing to quickly validating medical orders against payor and clinical guidelines. We help you streamline the order intake processes, reducing the time it takes for patients to get the care they’ve been prescribed. Additionally, current customers use our AI agents to navigate insurance phone trees to obtain prior authorization and claims information and reduce denials.

What is Synthpop's mission in healthcare?

Synthpop leverages advanced AI to streamline healthcare operations, reducing administrative burdens and enhancing patient care. Our technology automates routine tasks, improves data accuracy, and supports healthcare professionals in delivering efficient and personalized care.

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