Synthpop Amplifies Its Beat: Welcoming Scott Holzberg as VP of Sales

April 16, 2024
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BROOKLYN, NY - Synthpop, Inc continues to gain momentum as a revolutionary healthcare AI company, especially in the Durable Medical Equipment and Diagnostic testing space. The Synthpop team prides itself on its unique and deep healthcare experience, and recently welcomed Scott Holzberg as the VP of Sales.

Scott is a senior level sales leader with extensive sales and management experience in the digital health, SaaS, and medical device industries. He brings over two decades of healthcare technology expertise, most notably from his transformative role at ResMed, where he led the inception and growth of the software division of the North American sales team.

He established the formation of the inaugural Solutions Consulting and Customer Success teams at ResMed, propelling an unprecedented shift in market share dynamics. Throughout his career, he successfully launched SaaS solutions that enhanced customer clinical and business results, encompassing areas such as population management, remote patient monitoring, patient engagement, data integrations, clinical analytics, and resupply, thereby setting new standards in healthcare delivery and operational efficiency.

Scott’s background and varied experience offers a well-rounded perspective to support the Synthpop team as they work to use AI agents to streamline healthcare, one workflow at a time.

The new VP of Sales shared, “I’ve witnessed the burnout that healthcare providers and administrators face as the result of complex guidelines and extensive document requirements. I’m excited for the opportunity to work with Synthpop to redefine healthcare delivery in a meaningful way for all stakeholders, from patients to providers, to suppliers.”

Elad, the CEO of Synthpop, says, “The potential of AI to enable better care is unprecedented in the history of the U.S. healthcare system. We’ve been helping customers harness AI agents to streamline their processes and enable faster, more accurate care for thousands of patients. Scott has the experience and approach to make sure we can help patients and providers on a much greater scale.”

He believes, “The processes he led and teams he built were some of the most successful in the history of our industry. Having the most talented professionals in our industry work on this important mission is exactly what this pivotal moment calls for.“

Scott’s primary objectives will be to establish key strategic partnerships and develop commercial strategies for sustained long term growth of the company, especially as they expand to support various medical specialties.

To contact Scott directly, please email [email protected].

About Synthpop

Synthpop’s AI agents perform complex healthcare administrative tasks - from referral sorting and processing, to instantly validating medical orders and prescriptions by referencing  payor and clinical guidelines. Synthpop's AI Agents can navigate complex payor phone trees, freeing up. your team to perform more critical tasks. Following Standard Operating Procedures, Synthpop’s agents are accurate and tireless, allowing you to scale your business to get more patients the care they are prescribed. Synthpop leverages multimodal Large Language Models (LLMs) to streamline healthcare, one workflow at a time.

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